Depeche Mode


The pride of Great Britain and one of the most popular bands in the world, Depeche Mode, plays in the style of electronic, industrial, and rock music. Having started writing music more than 40 years ago, musicians remain among the best performers in the genre. Depeche Mode continues to actively perform concerts in different countries of the world and record studio albums.

The official date of Depeche Mode's creation is 1980. However, the roots go back to 1977, when Vince Clarke and Andrew Fletcher created the band No Romance in China, which by 1980 became known as Composition of Sound. Later, Dave Gahan joined it. That's how Depeche Mode appeared. They named their band after a French fashion magazine. Depeche Mode can be translated as “fashion dispatch."

Depeche Mode quickly started working with the producer. In 1981, they recorded their first songs in the studio: Dreaming of Me, New Life, and Just Can't Get Enough. The latter became particularly successful in Britain and perfectly promoted their first album, Speak & Spell, released in the same year. The songs of Depeche Mode in those years were dark in essence and unusual in sound. By the second and third albums, the musicians have not fully formed their style but have already chosen direction in favor of industrial and synthetic sounds (synth-wave and synth-pop). Combined with Dave Gahan's metallic, monotonous vocals, Depeche Mode's music sounded original, piercing, and fresh.

In 1984, Depeche Mode gained popularity in the USA. The band's audience started expanding rapidly starting with the song People Are People and the album Some Great Reward. Depeche Mode's bold and candid lyrics about love, equality, freedom, and faith inspired fans all over the world. The band began to enter the international level, and their songs were increasingly at the top of the American and European charts.

Depeche Mode influenced musicians from such bands as Linkin Park, Deftones, Fear Factory, Coldplay, Rammstein, etc. In 2006, Depeche Mode received the MTV Europe award as Best Band. In 2010, the VH1 channel ranked them 98th among the 100 greatest performers. In 2020, Depeche Mode got included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.