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11 Mar 2021

Martin Gore, a member of the British band Depeche Mode, admitted that the Russians were very lucky!

The talented composer, DJ, keyboardist and guitarist of the Depeche Mode band was surprised that vaccination against COVID-19 is already act...

26 Jan 2018

Depeche Mode in the "Olympic"

Depeche Mode in the "Olympic" 25.02.2018

17 Jan 2018

Depeche Mode musical group will visit the Northern capital with a concert

Depeche Mode musical group will visit the Northern capital with a concert

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Buy tickets to Depeche Mode concerts

Depeche Mode is a popular British band playing in the style of electronic and rock music. The band is considered one of the most famous and successful in the world. The musicians' songs are familiar to music lovers in many countries, and their studio recordings get sold in millions of copies. Fans actively support the band, coming to concerts and enjoying the live performances of eternal hits. To attend the performance of legendary artists, hurry up to buy tickets for the Depeche Mode concert online on our website. Experience an unforgettable musical adventure in the company of British musicians.

In 1980, a group of musicians appeared in Basildon, Essex, who named themselves after the French magazine Depeche Mode. In February 1981, the band recorded the song Dreaming of Me, which occupied 57th place on the UK charts. Next, they recorded the single New Life, which became much more successful – 11th place in the charts. In November 1981, Depeche Mode released their first album, Speak & Spell, which received mixed reviews but climbed into the top ten of British albums.

Depeche Mode received its first international success in 1984 after releasing the single People Are People and the album Some Great Reward, which occupied the top of the US charts. During this period, the band began to appeal more and more to an audience outside Europe and gained great popularity when a new Gothic culture was emerging.

In 2024, the musicians released an album called Memento Mori. Now, thousands of fans can't wait to attend the concert tour of Depeche Mode in different countries. It is a gift for the fans of the band. Many people want to attend the musicians' performance, so it's better to book tickets for the Depeche Mode concert in advance so as not to miss the show.

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You can book seats for a live performance of a famous band on our website online, without queues and trips to the ticket office. We offer only authentic tickets and fast registration. You can pay for an online ticket to Depeche Mode by credit or debit card. The transaction is completely safe and goes through your bank's page.

You can receive an order at the email address specified during registration or by courier delivery to your home address. Courier services are paid separately and calculated depending on the city and area. Delivery is not included in the ticket price for Depeche Mode. The final order amount appears before payment.

Depeche Mode is one of the greatest bands in the UK. It has a large audience of fans from around the world. You can attend the musicians' performance and enjoy their show prepared in support of the album. Tickets for Depeche Mode concerts are already available for order on the event page.